Go big (sleeves) or go home!


Ashton first came through my doors as an alterations client. After we worked together on two pieces to get the perfect fit, she decided to take the custom route, and have a dress made.

Finding a dress that fits is a challenge Ashton faces every time she goes shopping. She also wanted to try something new by working with a designer.


After our initial custom consultation, and 3 design sketches for her to choose from, she chose this one. She loved the big sleeves, and quickly settled on this amazing brocade from Mood Fabrics. If you ask me for big sleeves, I’m gonna give you big sleeves!

(We did end up taking the full circle big sleeves down a hair, but if you don’t know what the extreme is, how do you know you don’t want it, right?!)


The brocade drapes into large cones away from the body, making it a great material for a tailored dress like this one. The drape also allowed for the circle sleeves to hang with just the right amount of body.

The fabric steals the show on this one!

As you can see from our blurry photoshoot, we had a great time with this dress. I love Ashton’s smile and energy!


Smriti, my intern from the Art Institute, recalled a story from fashion history. Before Audrey Hepburn hit it big, she had heard about a designer, and wanted to work with him. She approached Givenchy to buy a piece from him. He wanted to know what exactly she wanted. Hepburn wanted him to design for her.

Something special.

We all know how that story ended.

Ashton, thank you for being my muse.

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