Go big (sleeves) or go home!

Ashton first came through my doors as an alterations client. After we worked together on two pieces to get the perfect fit, she decided to take the custom route, and have a dress made. Finding a dress that fits is a challenge Ashton faces every time she goes shopping. She also wanted to try something … Continue reading Go big (sleeves) or go home!

A Titanic-Themed Fundraiser

You might remember the Beatles costumes I made last summer. Well, Tara, the kids' mom, contacted me again but this time she wanted something for herself. She told me she was organizing a Titanic-themed fundraiser. Getting to know her during the Beatles costumes, I knew she was going for accuracy. Painstaking accuracy. Something I didn't … Continue reading A Titanic-Themed Fundraiser

Custom Duchess Satin Bustier

I don't cater to prom clients but I couldn't say no to a custom bustier...not with my corsetry experience. Molly is an artist and has an amazing eye for design. In getting to know her and her mom, I was struck by their relationship. I love working with a mother and daughter team who are … Continue reading Custom Duchess Satin Bustier

Working with clients is always a dialogue…

It's been a minute since I last posted. Bridal season is upon us so my Curvy Custom Bride work has been ramping up. At the same time, I'm narrowing the focus of the Three Dresses Project. I'll be cleaning up this site for clarity. It's fun to think of my humble beginnings, fitting myself by … Continue reading Working with clients is always a dialogue…

Reflection on 2017 and My Word for 2018

That's a wrap, 2017! This year saw me in business mode full-time. I had no idea starting Curvy Custom Bride would make me feel so raw. It felt like I was finally burning off the rest of what was holding me back. It was hard. And worth it. I hired LuDesign Studio for my Curvy … Continue reading Reflection on 2017 and My Word for 2018

2016 and a Word of the Year for 2017

Over the last couple of years, I've invested time in coming up with a word for the upcoming year, rather than a wish list of things I want to accomplish. You can see recent words here. I have a lot to be thankful for this year. My kids are at a new school and they … Continue reading 2016 and a Word of the Year for 2017

Recent projects- a collection

So...I might have a sequin problem...and a vest problem...or maybe we can avoid calling them problems and just enjoy these projects. The only one that was for me (for now, at least...it IS a sample) is the mustard yellow wool vest. It's so nice and provides just enough warmth for what I need indoors. I … Continue reading Recent projects- a collection

Custom Super Girl Cosplay

Earlier this year, I was contacted by a bride I worked with who wanted me to make her a Super Girl costume. I have a love/hate relationship with accuracy. Sometimes, it keeps me from actually getting anything done. But other times, when you find the perfect shade of every color to match the inspiration, it … Continue reading Custom Super Girl Cosplay

by hand London Victoria Blazer and Leila mixes prints

I'm slowly jumping on the by hand London love bandwagon and what a wagon! Don't know if you remember my Hawaiian Holly Jumpsuit! I can't wait for warmer weather so I can wear that thing into the ground. I've made two pairs of trousers with the Holly jumpsuit pants pattern and they're so delish! I … Continue reading by hand London Victoria Blazer and Leila mixes prints

Spring Trend: Sleepwear as Daywear

I can't tell you how much I can get behind this trend of wearing pajamas during the day and calling them day wear. Gucci, Alexander Wang, Roberto Cavalli- you have my attention! Check out this article written by sleepwear designer, Francesca Ruffini for Vogue Paris!   Mostly, I've seen daywear pajamas made in silk and … Continue reading Spring Trend: Sleepwear as Daywear